Welcome to my website. Herein you will find various examples of construction, design and other projects I'm guilty of completing, although to this date, no one has formally accused me. Perhaps my untarnished record stems from my former clients finding no reason to peruse legal action. Indeed, they seem happy I crossed their paths and the feeling is mutual.

In retrospect, it's difficult to say I've ever worked a day in my life, at least considering the projects you'll find on this website. I enjoy what I do, and I don't think it appropriate to call something you enjoy doing work. Let's call what I do endeavors.

So please enjoy the following endeavors and if you have an endeavor of your own, yet to be realized, I'd be happy to talk with you about making it a reality.

A note of caution: my website is constantly under design and construction. As you browse, take care not to smudge the ink or step on any nails. If you happen upon a link-snafu or silly typo, please let me know through the Contact Page. I’m not so proud to ignore feedback and would appreciate your participation in something else I enjoy doing, building this website.